A Standard Of Emergency Medical Excellence: Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Emergency Medicine Specialists have a very unique position in that, most of the patients seen are in a very dire situation. To provide the necessary help is nothing short of amazing. But only with qualified training and a unique skill set can an emergency doctor provide the required service to the patient. Although there are many emergency doctors today, many who have taken on the task of serving those in urgent situations, there are a few that stands to be recognized for their dedication and determination in the medical field today.

Having years of emergency medicine experience, DR. Eric Forsthoefel, MD obtained his education from the University of Louisville Medical School in 2009. He then graduated from Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans in 2012. Since then he has pursued emergency medicine with a passion. Having obtained certifications in AB emergency medicine, doctor Forsthoefel diagnose and treat patients with life-threatening conditions. Whether a massive heart attack, and intense shocks, or even critical bleeding. Dr. Forsthoefel is qualified and skilled to handle such matters.

Currently, Dr. Eric treats patients at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. this is his main affiliation. With such an affiliation he is able to admit and treat patients therein. Notable medical insurance plans are accepted with Dr. Forsthoefel’s practice, of which Medicare, Aetna, and Coventry Health Care are widely known. The practice of Dr. Forsthoefel supports English as well as Spanish. This adds to the ever-increasing need for Spanish-speaking doctors in the state of Florida. While accepting new patients daily, the office of Dr. Eric Forsthoefel also provides electronic health records as well. The times of service are when the need for qualified medical professionals is at hand. This is a benefit of providing Emergency medical services.

Choosing a doctor can be a rather arduous task that basically depends on availability and hours of service. With a primary location to Tallahassee Florida, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has a staff of qualified doctors that are able to perform in the most urgent times of need. Aside from being qualified medical professional, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a kind, light-hearted, and fun individual.



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