A Window Into the Life of Marco Antonio Marques da Silva

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is the Chief Justice of the Sao Paolo Court of Appeals. He was born in the state of ltapetininga on December 31, 1958. As a child he had aspirations of pursuing a career in law. Those aspirations led him to graduate form PUC-SP Law School in 1981, where he would later go on to earn his Master’s and Doctorate.  Also, Marco is a decorated author, writing over fourteen books! In addition to his already packed schedule, Senor Silva serves as a professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the school where he received both his Master’s and Doctorate degrees. 

He also works as an adviser to masers and Phd. candidates, helping them publish work and conduct research. And lets not forget about his day job of being a Chief Justice; although his days are jam packed he finds what he does enjoyable, rewarding, and intellectually stimulating. He enjoys traveling as well, stating that instead of spending money on objects like cars and clothes, one should travel because he believes that traveling can enrich your life. 

Many of times on his trips across seas, he meets with other professionals to continue to expand on ideas concerning self evolution and discipline. He implements a lot of these ideas into his day to day life, which improves the effectiveness he has on the world around him. It is no wonder why Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has experienced much success in his career. 

Another way he ensures that success is by surrounding himself with people who realize and understand his full potential. Aligning yourself with people of the same mindset and similar goals will bread success, and getting involved with lazy or greedy people will slow you down. All in all Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is a man to be admired and modeled. He is a prime example of how constant evolution is essential for a successful life.

Find out more about Judge Marco Antonio´s biography at https://marcoantoniomarquesdasilva.com/