Academy of Art University – Fashion Week

Here at Fashion Week in New York City is where new talent is discovered. Joining the group is one of the top fashion design schools in the nation The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University. This is there 21at runaway showcase. All cultures from around the world are bringing their own ideas to show of their unique style of art to the audience and bring it in to the future.

A lot of great designers come out of that school, one of them is Cana Klebanoff. Cana Klebanoff was born in Queens, NY. He brought out his ideas through what he was inspired on and blend them in his art work. He’s work shows comfort and pride.

Another great talent to come out of that school is Carlos Rodriguez. Carlos Rodriguez was born in Mexico City, Mexico. He grew up in Clarksburg,CA. He uses a mixture of hand and machine to get that enhance the feel of the clothes.

Joanna Jadallah is another great art work designer. She was born in Chicago and raised in Orange County CA. She was fascinated by her ancestors and that’s how she got her ideas and brought them into her designs to show them off to the world. The collection captures all the beauty of her culture.

Saya Shen was born and raised in Beijing China. She gets her art work design from the collection of photographs she has taken and bring them in to her art design. She wants the audience to escape in to the nature of her work. She’s fascinated by nature and takes photographs of all the beauty of nature.

The school of fashion is where all creative minds blend together to create something special for all others to see. They learn from the finest creative minds working in the fashion today.