Academy of Art University Shapes Next Generation of Artists

Positioned in the exciting, free, artistic city of San Fransico, California lies a school by the name of Academy of Art University. This school is a central part of the entire city of San Francisco. Both the city and the university work together on crafting and shaping the education and the experience of those who are fueled by their passionate art interests.

The belief system that runs this university is what allows students to grow so deeply in their passions and craft. The school believes in having no barriers to admissions. Their student body is very diverse. Their belief system involves having a community of advisors and teachers that offer the utmost support. They understand the need for their students to have support, communication and collaboration from their teachers. Having an ethics in art is what allows teachers to instill the highest standards of integrity. The school is an urban citizen as they give back to the city of San Francisco with their passion for sending educated graduates out into the city to embrace the city’s artistic culture.

Academy of Art University is a private art school that is a family business that has for many decades been dedicated to the next generation of artists. The large campus today is spread out over San Francisco. The school has several different programs for students that include fashion, design, art, film and illustration.

Talented writers, devoted artists, intrigued filmmakers, and creative designers find the Academy of Art University as a place that molds them for success. The university allows these students to express themselves and to mold their craft. These students go off to do great things after graduation. Some students return to the school for teaching positions or for more education. Some students remain in San Francisco and make the city their home and workplace. Many students travel to other major cities where they develop screenplays for film, write scripts for movies or songs for singers, design furniture or fashion or industrial objects or become executives running major companies. These students leave the Academy of Art University more equipped and educated when they first started.

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