Achievements of Sheldon Lavin as the OSI Group’s CEO

Sheldon Lavin was born in the year 1932. He has a highly regarded profile in the field of meat and food processing industry. He currently holds both the positions of Chief Executive Officer at OSI Group and Chairman of the company. He studied Bachelor of Science Degree in Business at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois, and majored in accounting and finance in the University of Illinois. OSI Group has grown from being a small neighborhood butcher shop in the state of Chicago into one of the leading food producers in the world.

Being the Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin has managed to make remarkable steps in the food processing industry which has seen OSI Group propel into the International stage. The company’s presence in various countries across the globe has made a remarkable contribution to job creation. The company has also remained committed to producing quality food products for its consumers throughout their operations. This impressive growth was kept on track and managed by Sheldon Lavin since mid-1970s when he got at the helm of leading the company.

OSI Group faces stiff global competition due to the complexity of carrying out business in various countries. Sheldon Lavin has ensured that the right strategies and current techniques are developed and incorporated into the company to remain competitive and efficient in the industry. Among the strategies employed is the adaptation of an environmentally friendly and sustainable food production process. OSI Group has received a number of reputable sustainability awards due to its remarkable practices in conserving the environment while carrying out their business. Sheldon being the CEO has also received an award in connection to the company’s sustainable practices.

His success in the international company is attributed to his experience in building and leading business empires. He focuses on large-scale financial operations that facilitate large companies to sustain complex operations. This is exactly what OSI Group required for its rapid growth, and he provided the services in the right and timely manner. Sheldon Lavin also put into consideration variables that were likely to affect the business in future such as technological changes and consumer preferences thus being able to swiftly adapt to changes in the market.

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