Africa’s richest woman Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos was born on 1st April 1973 in Azerbaijan. She is the daughter of former Angola president José Eduardo dos Santos. She attended Cobham Hall, a celebrated girls school in England. She later went to Kings College, London where she perused a course in electrical engineering and met her soon to be husband Sindika Dokolo from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In the year 2013, her net worth 2 billion US dollars hence making her first woman billionaire in Africa. She was later named among one of the most influential women in the word by BBC in November 2015. Over the last 20 years, she has held managerial positions in quite many companies which are listed in Stock Exchanges in Europe. These experiences have played a significant role in her broad understanding of the world economy an ways to which economic prospects can be used to help countries with poverty.

Isabel returned to Angola in the early 1990s and immediately began working as project manager engineer. The use of walkie-talkie expertise opened the means to venture into telecommunication. She is the chair of Unitel, Angola largest telecommunications service provider (Facebook).

Away from her interests in telecommunications, she is also involved in other industries such as energy, construction, entertainment, and finance as well as media production. Isabel dos Santos is committed to seeing Africa grow economically and abolish poverty. The businesswoman is a champion for empowering women economically. She believes women should get the same education job opportunities and education as men do. She, however, feels that stigmatization of women in the workplace should stop. This is because the entrepreneurial spirit of women is weighed down by stigmatization. Isabel dos Santos encourage young women to use the increased dependence on technology to leverage their way into prominence.

Apart from being a businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos is a charitable woman. In order to empower the next generation of leaders in all aspects of life, she is constantly looking for talented people in Angola and Africa at large.

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