Agera Energy Gets a New CFO

In August 2018, Agera Energy’s Chief Executive Officer announced that his company had appointed Mark Linzenbold to its executive team. Linzenbold, a trained financial expert with decades of managerial experience would serve as Agera’s Chief Financial Officer.

As the CFO, Mark Linzenbold will manage and supervise Agera Energy’s junior finance team, as well as make informed financial decisions that would boost the retail energy supplier’s financial health.

Furthermore, Mark Linzenbold will foster healthy relationships between Agera’s external partners and stakeholders, review the company’s finance-related processes, as well as formulate the company’s long term financial plans.

Why did Agera Energy pick Linzenbold as the right candidate? Mark has close to 2 decades of administrative involvement. Before transferring services to Agera, Mark worked as the Vice President of Direct Energy’s Finance department. He held the executive position for over seven years.

Moreover, Mark Linzenbold worked as the head of business planning at Strategic Energy and a senior financial manager at KPMG.

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