Airlines’ shift towards IoT by Jason Hope

Jason Hope, the technology enthusiast and the futurist from the Scottsdale, Arizona region is all over the place for his predictions on the mind-boggling beacons technology that he believes, is going to disrupt the airlines’ industry and bring about a total transformation in terms of how the consumers fly. Before we analyze his research, let’s get through his background quickly which would help us understand why he brings so much quality talk to the table. He is currently an entrepreneur in the mobile technology space and also serves as the Director of the Arizona Science Center. He did his bachelors from the Arizona State University majoring in finance and has an MBA from the prestigious W. P. Carey School of Business.

Jason Hope strongly believes that the Internet of Things is going to substantially benefit both the airlines as well as the consumers. For consumers, it would be all about experiencing a memorable and luxurious travel and for companies, it would be about optimizing their operations in terms of improved customer service and fuel efficiency. Using an intelligent tracking mechanism, airlines could also experience less waste. With this technology, passengers seeking assistance services like wheelchairs and trolleys would not be hanging and the airlines could easily help their customers identify the exact location of the inventory within the airport. It could be a simple enhancement to the current manual mode of operation, but it goes a long way in improving customer experience which results in higher ratings and more revenue for the airlines.

According to Jason Hope, one of the airlines in the recent times have come up with something called as Mobile Host Initiative which is just another variant of the Internet of Things. The airlines are making use of this technology to give the customers real-time updates regarding gate changes, travel times, check-in reminders, baggage locations and more all directly to the cell phones. Jason Hope says that they went an extra mile and even developed a smartwatch friendly app which is most helpful for customers who are on the go. This amazing app also has inclusions relating to weather so that the customers could plan their itinerary in a much better way. As per a recent survey, about 42% of the airlines have kept IoT as their number one priority while additional 58% have listed it as one of their top three priorities in order to maintain the competitive edge.

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