Allied Wallet, Andy Khawaja, and the FTC

Founded in 2005, Allied Wallet has been innovating the way we make payments for quite some time. They primarily function as a connector for buyers and sellers online. They streamline they transaction process and offer enhanced security, making business online much safer. Allied Wallet has also crossed into other markets, particularly foreign ones. The company has been partnered with China’s China UnionPay. The goal of the partnership is to expand their merchant services across Europe through the China Union debit and credit cards. 

With 40 million merchants and atms accepting the UnionCard across Europe, this latest venture can prove to be profitable. While they have made significant impacts on the e-commerce world, Allied Wallet has worked to improve the real world as well. Since their inception, Allied has been improving the lives for some of the most disenfranchised members of society.


Due to the efforts of Allied´s philanthropist CEO, Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja, significant contributions have been made to a variety of charitable organizations. The American Red Cross, ASACP, After-School All-Stars, Hope for Change International, and the Wounded Warrior Project have all benefited to a great extent from their donations. In recognition for his philanthropism, Andy Khawaja has recently been awarded the coveted Certificate of Recognition from the Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Recently Allied Wallet has been struck down of processing fraudulent transactions. In the first quarter of 2019, Federal Trade Commission of the United States of America passed down a $110m monetary judgement on the e-commerce firm. The judgement alleged that Andy Khawaja and two others had knowingly processed fraudulent payments from merchants involved in fraud (USmoney2020). 

Allied Wallet was charged with submitting false information to merchants, evading regulations, rules, and monitoring designed to prevent fraud in the card network, and creating pseudo-companies to hide money across multiple accounts. Andy Khawaja has fully cooperate with the Federal Trade Commission orders. To pay the large judgement, he has transferred his Los Angeles estate for liquidation. This act of good faith led the FTC to suspend the remaining balance.

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