American Addiction Centers Explains how Children of Opioid Addicted Parents End up in Foster Care

American Addiction Centers informs us about the hidden problem with opioid addiction within the United States. Children of opioid addicted parents often end up in foster care.

However, it is no fault of their own. A little over 1 in 4 children within foster care are there because of their opioid addicted parents. Keep in mind that very few people want to be addicted to opioid drugs. However, many opioid based drug abusers develop this habit from prescription drugs.

A lot of older people with kids are suffering from some type of pain. This pain could result from an accident or could happen from a disease. Some people develop specific pain causing conditions and other people experience pain for some unknown reason.

No one wants to live in agony. Medical professionals have been providing patients with opioid based medications to relieve their condition. The top pain medications include oxycodone and hydrocodone. They also prescribe other drugs such as methadone to get rid of pain as well.

Parents who need opioid pain relief medications sometimes take more than what they need. They also don’t follow directions for taking them. Some moms and dads will frequently take their opioid meds without regards to time intervals or they might double up on their meds and take 2 or 3 instead of 1.

Soon, users will find themselves getting more addicted to these substances. This behavior will soon cause them to develop an addiction. Some parents will be able to correct this problem and others will not.

Once an addiction begins, it is just a matter of time before the children start to suffer. Remember, an addicted mom and/or dad doesn’t just suddenly start being irresponsible. This normally happens over some time. In most cases, addicted parents will not meet their children’s needs. Read more: American Addiction Centers Network Of National Facilities and American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor

If parents were abusive before they had become addicted to prescription or street drugs, they will usually show this behavior in an a more extreme form when they do become addicted.

Neglect and abuse are the two biggest reasons why addicted parents lose their children. Addicted parents will probably lose their kids because they refuse to take care of them, or they just forget about them. Parents who physically abuse their kids will lose them for safety reasons.

Once children have been removed from an addicted person’s home, they will be placed into foster care. This only happens if next of kin cannot take the kids or if children do not have any extended family members.

The American Addiction Centers understands what is at stake. They know that children of opioid addicted parents have a lot to deal with. They also know that theses children will more than likely end up in foster care if they do not have any family to assist them through this tough situation.

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