Ara Chackerian Talks About Emerging Trends Affecting Healthcare Startups

The current global economic expansion is unprecedented, and this is thanks to the rapid development and adaptation of cutting-edge and sophisticated technology. The ongoing global economic expansion is leading to the thriving of numerous startups, and this is due to an abundance of capital from venture capitalists. The global technological space is competitive and robust, but this is not stopping the entry of new players who are looking to enhance their foundation and strengthen their footprint.

Ara Chackerian is one of the respected innovators in the healthcare field, and he does not find it strange or surprising that there are a lot of startups in the healthcare sector. As a futuristic innovator, Chackerian is one of the professionals in the medical industry that predicted the importance of imaging technology in the healthcare sector. Without innovations, we would have reached the current pinnacles in modern medicine and science. Ara Chackerian is credited new players in the medical and healthcare field for their continued effort in developing creative and innovative solutions using limited resources.

A lot of investors who provide the funding for startups in the healthcare or medical sector often expect that their investments will become eventually profitable. Very few companies become instant successes; this means that a startup can undergo a series of funding before it ultimately goes public through an (IPO) Initial Public Offering.

Chackerian explains that startups may require a significant amount of time to develop a functional product that can lead to more investments and even an eventual acquisition.

As an innovator in the healthcare field, Ara Chackerian believes that technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), robotics, digital imaging will disrupt the healthcare sector while at the same time streamlining and making it better. Thanks to AI, healthcare facilities can develop better insights from the big data available, and this has the potential of resulting in better medical solutions.

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