Ashley Lightspeed: A Light Speed Growing Career

The end of the year is usually the time when enterprises draw their lines and try to summarize their successes and possible failures. Still, it is the time when many companies make their plans in order to fulfill their business ambitions.

Such a case occurred in Silicon Valley when at the end of 2018, Lightspeed Venture Partners announced the engagement of six new members of the team. But their recognizable face is Ashley Brasier, better known as Ashley Lightspeed.

The Early Beginnings

Ashley Brasier had the ambition to be an architect as her dad was. She used to sketch her ideas and to build various things so one can say she was making prototypes. Later, while studying in Denmark she discovered she prefers prototyping constructive ideas even more than actual buildings. After graduation, she started her consulting career.

She started her career in Bain, but since she wanted to do a more operative job, the idea was to explore the world of the famous Silicon Valley.

And so she did it. She joined the Thumbtack’s team working as a Category Manager. Her responsibility was tied to customers experience and also the Events & Weddings categories.

She used to run various simulations with clients during her work at Bain, and afterward, she was framing and improving the product ideas at Thumbtack. Read more about  Ashley Lightspeed at

Exposing To Lightspeed

Nevertheless, Ashley Lightspeed constantly used her ability to prototyping things as her working tool. She managed to gather feedback and rapidly increase the level of product improvements throughout her successful career. She was exposed to venture capital for the first time while she was working on a fundraising pitch deck during her engagement at Thumbtack. It made her interested.

After some time Ashley left Thumbtack and went to study at Stanford. During her studies, she simultaneously explored the option of starting her own company. She was having the idea of working on consulting projects for startups in order to financially stabilize her own situation.

Such projects have helped her to realize that she can be present in several different industries at the same time and that she is energetic about helping entrepreneurs to make their ideas real.

Today Ashley Lightspeed is a member of Lightspeed’s consumer investing team. She is working closely with many starting companies and help them in cracking their strategies of business growth.

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