Behind the Scenes of Securus Technologies: Rick Smith

One factor that affects the progress of a company is the chief executive officer. This is because the CEO gets to make a lot of significant decisions for the company. It is the experience of the CEO and his expertise in the technicality of the firm, which differentiates its products. Rick Smith has not let Securus Technologies down. Since 2008 when he assumed the seat, things in Securus Technologies has taken a different turn. The beneficiaries are grateful for the many developments and high levels of innovation that they are experiencing with their gadgets.

Rick Smith has many qualities that the Securus Technologies board of directors may have seen. He has an excellent academic background, great experience, and a clean criminal record. Rick Smith has a bachelor’s degree in engineering. He also has a master’s degree in mathematics and engineering. He is also an MBA holder. This is very crucial for him as the chief executive officer of a company. It means that he can understand the technical part of the company.

The other important factor that has helped him in his career is the experience. Rick Smith has a very reputable experience. He had worked with many companies in different positions. Working in various departments has been a significant boost to his career. This is because the success of the business is a combination of the efforts of all units. The last place he worked before Securus Technologies is Eschelon-Telkom. Here, his reign was marked by success. The revenue of the business improved to $350 million from $30 million. This was a big boost to the company.

Securus Technologies can only hope for the application of the same energy. So far there have been changes. The structure of the company has changed to suit the company’s needs. The users have also experienced the change. The inmates have been able to keep in touch with their loved ones. This is through the devices that they have been provided with by the Securus Technologies.

The users of the communication gadgets say that they are clear throughout the call. They also say that the rates are very affordable. Rick Smith has innovated video calls. He says that he believes that the visit is more effective when the inmates and the visitors can get to see each other.

Through Rick Smith, the correctional services have also been provided with the devices that can monitor the inmates in the cell. This is because they are some convicts who are irrational and aggressive. They end up hurting the other inmates. With Securus Technologies, these cases have come to an end. This is because the inmates who harass others are punished by the authority. Rick Smith has made the difference that was needed in the correctional services. He hopes that in future, all correctional facilities will access the Securus Technologies.

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