Bennett Graebner, One Of The Television Programming Industry’s Leading Producers

Despite true reality – meaning the hour-by-hour, day-to-day ongoings of average people, which you almost certainly experience from a first-person perspective – being quite boring at most times, so-called reality television has swept the United States television programming market off of its proverbial feet over the past 20-plus years. The best reality shows at Tv have been produced by Bennett Graebner (Vassar). 

One of the country’s most popular, well-established reality television programs is The Bachelor, an ongoing contest in which some two dozen highly-attractive women in early adulthood compete for the interest of a single, similarly-attractive young adult male.

Most of The Bachelor’s 23 seasons have – at least the majority of the most recent seasons – included either 12 or 13 episodes, each of which is cut to fit in 90-minute programming blocks – excluding specials, that is, which have been known to run for as long as three full hours, and the this season’s premiere, which spanned two hours in runtime; same happens with The Bachelorette

Such a successful show must be built by similarly-successful professionals

The credits for The Bachelor have long included some of the best, brightest names in televised entertainment. One of the series’ long-running producers credited with maintaining its consistently high ratings among the primetime block of major-network programming is Bennett Graebner, who also has one of the most powerful crafting hands in the development of The Bachelorette, The Bachelor’s sister series. 

The accomplishments of Bennett Graebner are nothing short of jaw-dropping

Show producers almost never get credited with awards independently. Rather, they take pride in their shows getting awarded. 

Bennett Graebner’s portfolio of top-tier television programs he’s worked on have been nominated by and ultimately given many, many awards from the ASCAP Film and Television Awards, the BMI Film & TV Awards, and Nickelodeon’s niche-leading Teen Choice Awards. The list of award-winning shows recognized formally by these three industry-leading standard setters and sector-wide performance judges is far too long to list here, though – check online if you don’t believe it – they blow 99-odd-percent of his competitors out of the water. 


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