Betterworks Makes Work’s Treasures Better

Betterworks is an outstanding continuous performance management solution that strives every day to live up to its name. Betterworks CHRO Diane Strohfus speaks in her interview about how she utilizes her journey in f her life to contribute to Betterworks. She began working in the business of finance and learned enough to accidentally end up in the HR technology arena. She then mastered the field. While leading a university relations team, she was offered the opportunity to become a business partner for HR.

Diane Strohfus then found her true passion. She loved helping others set goals and accomplishing their missions. This is what led her to work with Betterworks. She uplifts Betterworks’s motives to connect organizations and motivate the workers of their workforces. Betterworks cherishes people, accomplishment, customers, and passion. They encourage managers to embrace connections and development to achieve superb professional development.

Because of this wonderful mission, Betterworks can function successfully as a human capital management software. They help driven employees to highlight their goals to see their positive results being made. Another amazing attribute about Betterworks is their ability to keep track of these types of things over time. Teams can connect in one place while also keeping track of their overall production as one entity for as long as far a one years worth of time.