Betterworks Offers New HR Solution For Small And Mid-Sized Organizations

Silicon Valley startup Betterworks offers a way for companies to engage in continuous performance improvements instead of annual reviews. Founded in 2013, they have Continuous Performance Management® solution that gives managers a way to provide timely feedback and to recognize employees when they improve their skills. Employees can also share feedback with their peers.

Recognizing that small and midsize companies don’t need as robust and expensive of a software solution as large corporations do, Betterworks unveiled a “Team Edition” of their software on August 7, 2019. This is a self-service package that bundles together performance management tools used to increase performance and accountability.

Employees at agile companies need to be able to see changes in the environment and react to them. Those who do so will continually improve their performance. Team Edition enables smaller organizations to access this technology that they might not have been able to use before.

Up to 100 employees on a team can use Team Edition. They input their Key Results and Objectives. They and their managers can continuously track their progress and discuss how to reach goals. Betterworks says this software solution can be used to communicate top organizational goals so that employees know what they should be focusing on.

Team Edition can be purchased directly from Betterworks. They offer both quarterly and annual plans. If a customer grows to the point where they need the full enterprise solution that can easily be transitioned to. CEO Doug Dennerline stated that he wanted to offer small and midsized organizations a cost-effective system.