Bhanu Choudhrie has Become Influential in the Aviation Industry

Bhanu Choudhrie is a London-based entrepreneur and investor that is notable for his accomplishments both in business and philanthropy. He helped his family to launch the private equity firm C&C Alpha Group in 2001 and has been instrumental in guiding the company’s extraordinary success. While C&C Alpha Group is working in a variety of spheres, its particular focus on aviation has been a significant factor in helping the industry to grow and develop. Choudhrie became interested in aviation training after C&C Alpha Group acquired Air Deccan, a small Indian airline, in 2003. Learn more about Bhanu Choudrie at Behance.

Over five years, Air Deccan was transformed from a small operation with just one airplane into a formidable airline that offered 200 flights each day. However, this success did not insulate Air Deccan from being affected by the high oil prices and a decrease in passengers caused by the recession. Navigating the challenges of this small airline exposed Bhanu Choudhrie to some of the major problems of the aviation industry, and he was determined to become part of the solution. Choudhrie observed that the shortage of qualified pilots was an even more significant problem than the challenges of poor infrastructure or the current recession. He predicted that the pilot shortage would be a significant factor not only in India but also in China, Southeast Asia, and other regions with emerging aviation industries. Bhanu Choudhrie decided to become part of the solution, although he knew that founding a new school for pilots was a risky venture.

In 2006, Bhanu Choudhrie joined in a partnership with Prescient Systems & Technologies to found the Alpha Aviation Group Ltd (AAG). The new company would then create the Alpha Aviation Academy, a full-service school that offered aspiring pilots an elite education in world-class training facilities. Choudhrie’s vision went beyond structuring the program to produce well-trained pilots. He also invested the time to form crucial relationships with airlines that could then employ the graduates. The airlines Boeing, Airbus, Air Arabia, and Jet Airways are some of the notable names that have provided jobs for over 800 graduates from the Alpha Aviation Academy.