Bhanu Choudhrie’s Commonwealth Games Experience

When the England Commonwealth Games came calling, Bhanu Choudhrie obliged. To the surprise of everyone, he proved that he was a man of many talents when he led a team of professional athletes in seeking the necessary funding.

A few months to the commonwealth games in India in 2010, UK participants were in a fix. There was this niggling issue about funding. Commonwealth Games England was looking for ways to fund the event.

England was sending at least 500 people in Delhi, officials, and athletes. Although the commission had all the camping and preparation taken care of in advance, the team still needed at least £1 million.

The elite athletes who were more than 400 deserved the best preparation. After all, they were on a mission to concur the world stage.

Commonwealth Games England (CGE) sought the expertise of Bhanu Choudhrie. He was not an unlikely pick for the chair of the advisory board. He boasts an impressive CV. The former Asian entrepreneur of the year winner is also a respected executive.

Bhanu Choudhrie is an alumnus of the prestigious Owner/President Management program organized by Harvard Business School. The course admits globally competitive executives only. He has been the director of C&C Alpha Group for almost two decades.

The Indian born entrepreneur is not new to taking new challenges. Under his stewardship, the team was able to raise the necessary funds to go to India.

When you want to raise funds, you have to trust the people who have experience and knowledge of corporate funding. According to the president of CGE, raising money through the small business was yielding favorable fruits, but at an agonizing pace. Connect on 

They were able to raise 10 percent of the required money using the campaign dubbed the friends of team England. For a man who has a vast interest in hotels and spas businesses, Bhanu Choudhrie felt humbled. He took the opportunity diligently. He activated his contacts and networks in the business world, which worked well for the commission.

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