Billionaire Peter Briger is Bridger to a Better World

Taking a chance on creating a new reality can be a very scary proposition. No one really believes that a new invention will work, do they? Innovations need billionaires, such as Peter Briger who are “Bridgers to a Better World.”

Bridger to New World

One thing that you will notice about the Fortress Investment Group portfolio is the number of assets with “New” before their name. This Fortress hedge fund has a plan. They seem to be creating a new infrastructure by transforming some of the older assets.

This is not an easy process. Fortress hired Goldman Sachs financial expert Peter Briger to help them understand how investment banking could improve their bottom line. Peter Briger became a principal force behind Fortress success. He helped them find valuable, but undervalued assets.

These included railways. Railways had been integral to the industrial growth of the United States. The railroad tycoons had been the Peter Brigers of their day. Fortress purchased old railways assets and upgraded them.

The result was a New Infrastructure that attracted the attention of SoftBank. SoftBank purchased Fortress making Briger, Nardone and Edens instant billionaires. Peter Briger had been as high as #968 on Forbes 2008 “Billionaire’s List.”

One of the reasons for the purchase was the focus on the New Infrastructure of tomorrow. SoftBank had something called the Vision Fund. The SoftBank CEO looked to Peter Briger and other principals to provide the know-how to develop a better future. Peter Briger is a “Bridger to a Better World.”

Ideas + Capital = Startups

Vision and ideas are also essential components of startups. Billionaire Peter Briger has also been a “Bridger to a Better World” by working with his alma mater, Princeton. He and others have funded the Princeton Alumni Education Fund (PAEF), which awards up to $100,000 to alums who want to start businesses.

College graduates can struggle during tough economic times. After the 2008 Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis, some of the top Wall Street finance jobs vanished. They were merged into other financial institutions or simply disappeared.

This was the case of the “investment bank” name. Firms like Goldman Sachs had to change their focus. As a former Goldman Sachs employee, Peter Briger has changed with the times. Now, he uses his talents as a “Bridger to a Better World.”

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