Bringing Military Service Back to Normal Life at Tigerswan

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The presence of the United States of America can be felt across many areas. From a military standpoint, the country has stationed troops in nearly every sector of the world’s affair. There are a handful of ongoing conflicts that the U.S. is still sorting out. While in the developed world, the country has the biggest economy in the world by far. This wide reach of influence shows the power of American might, and the country’s ability to sustain the modern global affairs. James Reese is an individual who has helped represent America on both of these fronts. In a recent article, he describe how his military experience laid the foundations for Tigerswan.


James Reese spent a substantial part of his early adult life in the military. He was sent to the middle east during the height of combat presence. The highest role he ever obtained was Lt. Colonel from the U.S. Army, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, which resulted in him being honored as a decorated combat leader for his service. His tactical skills and strong leadership presence helped his team prevail even during the worst times. At the end of his service, James Reese took away two key lessons for future use at Tigerswan. First, just simply be a good listener. There is nothing more supportive than being there for others. Secondly, always perform your duties to the highest degree no matter your role.


Tigerswan was founded on these principles, and its something that all employees strive to achieve every single day at work. The business is what the industry refers to as a SDVOSB, or commonly called a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business. James Reese finds his stress levels to be higher ever before. He is personally responsible to ensuring the business is a success. The livelihood of his employees hinges on his ability to lead. However, he finds this feeling is nothing compared to the freedom he has been granted. He gets to forge a future on his own terms. A SDVOSB business is a place where military veterans can acquire the life skills needed to re-enter society.


James Reese views the work on the battlefield to similar, but yet very different from working in the office. There is a lot less in his hands to achieve results in the moment. Instead, he has to plan with a long term vision at Tigerswan. The skills of each employee has to be weighed against available funds to determine which course of action to pursue. It takes years, if not decades, to refine this sense into one’s natural abilities. James Reese learning how to run a business is a matter of taking the journey one step at a time.


Tigerswan is a company that represents the modern vision of America’s ability to succeed. James Reese helps to cultivate working class citizens while promoting good fundamental values. The work from Tigerswan is essential in passing along the touch of the American dream to the next generation for the years to come.

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