Bruce Levenson Brings New Ideas to the Non-profit Business Industry

Bruce Levenson is among the most prominent faces in the American non-profit sector, despite being in the sector for less than a decade. After selling Atlanta Hawks, an NBA team he previously owned, Bruce used the proceeds from the sale to fund an initiative at the University of Maryland dubbed the Do Good Institute. The Do Good Institute trains and exposes undergraduate students at the University of Maryland to the non-profit sector, with an ultimate aim of nurturing future leaders in the industry. To this end, the initiative is making impressive progress.

How it All Started

Speaking with PR News, Bruce Levenson said that many people with fantastic ideas fail in the execution of those ideas due to lack of basic business skills. From this realization, Bruce came up with the idea of funding an initiative that would nurture business skills in young people so that they could become successful entrepreneurs in future. Together with his lovely wife, Karen Levenson, Bruce presented the idea to the University of Maryland. The university agreed to establish a Philanthropy 101 class while Bruce and the state of Maryland provided the necessary funding. From this fund, Philanthropy 101 students received $10,000 to use in funding philanthropic causes of their choice.

The Success Story

In its seven years of existence, The Do Good Institute has produced several non-profit entrepreneurs. Ben Simon, a former student at the Institute, established a campus waste management organization that was run by students. After campus, Ben started the Imperfect Produce, an organization that reduces waste by providing consumers with discounted products that could otherwise have gone to waste. Ben is one among many Do Good Institute students who are currently doing tremendously well in the non-profit business industry.

About Bruce Levenson

Mr. Bruce Levenson is an American investor, top author, and philanthropist. He studied at Washington University from where he obtained a BA degree. Bruce is also an American University-educated lawyer.

Bruce worked as an editor of the Observer Publishing and Washington, from where he went on to join the board of directors for the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Bruce has founded several companies, including UCG and the Atlanta Spirit.

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