Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Care Focuses Streamlining Treatment with their new Custom Oncology Treatment Platform

New clinical treatment program,”Clinical Pathways” at the Cancer treatment Centers of America focuses on streamlining with their new Custom Oncology Treatment Platform for more improved clinical decision support solutions.

Identifying evidence-based treatment regimens for patients just became simplified and more efficient through the new innovative integration of eviti® platform and Allscripts Sunrise™. The new platform will better inform patients of the cancer treatment process, without interrupting the physician’s clinical workflow. Clinical operating system (NantOS) will now utilize direct interface to coordinate the newest, and most evolving cancer care data. It was developed using consultations from hundreds of nationally recognized top oncologists for the most comprehensive new integrated platform in use to date.

This new platform will integrate all appropriate treatment options to eliminate guesswork by clinicians to better provide the latest treatment options. It will provide Comparisons between treatment options, provide information on the typical costs for treatments and easily access significant information, such as; average response rates, thorough guidelines, possible adverse reactions to patients, and toxicity. All while supporting clinical data with
Real-time functionality.

Clinical Pathways will be conveniently accessible at all five Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital locations.

Cancer Care Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Care Centers of America has always been dedicated to providing only the best quality of care to each patient. Each patient at Cancer Care Centers of America is provided with evidence-based clinical approaches and treatment that is personalized with supportive therapies considered for each patients specific diagnosis.

Cancer Care Treatment Centers was developed by founder and chairman Richard J Stephenson. After his Mother was diagnosed with cancer, Richard made it his life work to offer the best of personalized cancer treatment options to support patients. Richard J. Stephenson is committed to help patients win the fight against cancer.

Cancer Care Treatment Centers believes in empowering caregivers and providers with tools vital to advance more effective treatment decisions for critical illnesses. Coordinating quality care to bring advanced treatment options to patients sooner, since 1988.

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