CAOA, The Automotive Giant in Brazil, Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade

Things may not have started out right for Dr. Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade, a qualified physician who desired to get foot into the automotive industry. With alluring prospects, he got into an agreement with Ford Dealership based in Campina Grande to become the official importer of these sleek cars. However, things turned around when Ford Landau was declared bankrupt even before operations commenced. He battled this in court and was repayed for his investment. Being zealous about cars he established CAOA company– initials of his name.

This was followed by a series of successful pact with key automotive manufacturers around the world. First forward, in 1992, he became the exclusive importer of Renault automobiles in Brazil. The company has no much presence in the market but sales were mind-blowing. The partnership ended after the company established a plant in the market.

In 1998, CAOA was again prestigiously awarded exclusive right to import Subaru cars from Japan. The sales from his vehicles again were impeccable it actually tripled. A year later, CAOA signed a pact with the South Korean automobile manufacturer, Hyundai. This made the Dr. Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade enterprise rise to become the Brazilian automotive leader; the Hyundai Tucson Model sold fast. CAOA realized it big break in 2007 after it launched its first manufacturing firm in Anapolis, Goias – the first in Brazil. Another success was in 2015, when the company under the leadership of Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade established a Research and Energy Efficiency Center. CAOA has recently entered into a partnership with Chinese Chery where the company has been able to draw exceptional engineering expertise in car manufacturing and assembling.

About Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade

Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade is a certified physician and a Brazilian Automotive investor. He is the founder of CAOA, a vehicle manufacturing, assembling, importing, distributing and selling company. He is highly esteemed for being the industry’s leader. The Istoe Dinheiro magazine referred him as the Entrepreneur of the Year recently. Carta Capital Magazine has honorary referred to him as the Distributor of the Year in 2012. His company is ranked top in terms of sales and overall valuation according to Customer Satisfaction Surveys.