Marc Beer is an entrepreneur and executive. He is currently the founder of a leading healthcare
company called Renovia. Prior to starting up Renovia, Marc was managing another company that
he started up known as ViaCell. Before he was an entrepreneur, Marc was a longtime executive in
the pharmaceutical industry. Over the course of his career, he was able to establish a track record
of providing solid leadership and expertise for every organization that he has been a part of. When
it comes to his success, one of the main keys has been his ability to come up with effective
solutions to solve a variety of different problems.

Prior to starting his career as an executive and an entrepreneur, Marc Beer went to college at
Miami University. At this university, Marc majored in business and eventually completed a degree
in 1987. His educational background allowed him to work in the marketing and sales industry. Beer
had a natural aptitude for this field and would quickly move up the ranks at the companies that he
worked at. Marc was eventually named as the Vice President of Global Marketing at Genzyme. As
the Vice President of the company, Marc was in charge of promoting the company and marketing
its products to customers all over the world. With his involvement in marketing the products, Marc
helped over 300 million people receive improved healthcare.

Beer would eventually leave Genzyme to pursue opportunities in entrepreneurship. He started up a
company called ViaCell. This company specialized in providing a number of treatment for various
medical conditions. Marc’s company would use stem cells from umbilical cords to work towards
providing these treatments. The company was highly successful for a number of years. After seven
years of running the company, Marc Beer decided to sell it in 2007. Beer eventually received $300
million for ViaCell.

After a brief hiatus, Marc Beer would start up another company. Beer recently founded Renovia
which has been well known for providing nonsurgical treatments for pelvic floor disorders. His new
company Renovia has been one of the more innovative companies as it has looked to find
treatments for conditions such as urinary incontinence. When Marc started up the company, he
first acquired funding as well as a talented group of employees. Within the next few years, the
company will begin to profit according to Marc.

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A talented staff of employees has been one of the main things that Marc Beer has attributed to his
success. He has said that all of the people that he has worked with over the years have been major
contributors to his ability to reach his specific goals. Beer has said that a motivated and talented
group of professionals will make any company successful.

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