Carsten Thiel Named as President Europe at EUSA

EUSA Pharma recently named a couple of highly successful professionals to its management team. In a recent announcement, EUSA named Carsten Thiel and Darrel Cohen as the newest duo of top executives. Thiel will now become the president Europe for the company and Cohen will be named the Head of Clinical Development. Both of these professionals will bring nearly thirty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Both Carsten Thiel and Darrel Cohen have been senior level managers for a variety of companies in the pharmaceutical industry The two professionals will now look to use their experience and expertise to help EUSA reach its goals of growth and expansion during the next couple of years.

Carsten Thiel is one of the most experienced executives and professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. He holds a PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry and has used this education to succeed in career. Thiel has been involved in the pharmaceutical industry for nearly three decades. During his career, he has served in a number of different roles internationally. Before being named as the President Europe at EUSA, Carsten served as the chief executive officer of a gene therapy company named Abeona Therapeutics Inc. Thiel also spent time as the Chief Commercial Offcier at Alexion Pharmaceuticals which specialized in addressing diseases. While working at this company, Carsten Thiel was in charge of the Asian and Pacific regional departments.

Once he was named as the President Europe at EUSA, Carsten Thiel talked about his latest employment position. In a statement, he revealed that EUSA is a company that is looking to make steady progress in developing a strong business in both oncology and in treating rare diseases. Within three years, the company plans on reaching this goal. Thiel was also saying that he is very honored to become one of the leading executives of the company as well. He is quite eager to begin leading the expansion of the company throughout Europe as well helping it develop new breakthrough products in the pharmaceutical industry.

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