Christanna Bevin: World Class Project Manager

For the last several years, Australia’s economy has continued to gain strength. Aussie’s with ambition have had the good fortune to try their hand at a wide variety of opportunities to find success. One such Ambitious Aussie woman, Christanna Bevin, jumped in and built a reputation as one of the most effective project managers in the business world.

Christanna graduated from the Australian Institute of Business (AIB), a business school recognized as one of the best in the world. The curriculum at AIB teaches its students to view business through an all-encompassing perspective. This picture helped Christanna to understand the worlds of local and international businesses and she knew she wanted to leave her mark on both.

Miss Bevin concentrated on the skills she would need to manage high-stakes projects. She realized early on that any success a project manager achieves will begin with their ability to communicate, starting with the effective listening.  Christanna has shown an excellent ability to bring all the stakeholders to a consensus because she understands each one and can discuss their concerns intelligently.

The other areas a successful project manager needs to demonstrate excellent skills in include time management, interpersonal relationship building, leadership, political savvy, and public speaking, as related to running a meeting.

A few of Miss Bevin’s accomplishments demonstrate her exceptional project management skills quite nicely. Among her significant accomplishments at Phu Bia Mining Company in Laos: she trained a multi-national staff in the systems and process dedicated to cost control.

She was also instrumental in choosing the most qualified international members of that staff. Christanna managed all project services, including cost and schedule, document control, estimating, and support.

Throughout her career Christanna Bevin has earned a reputation for a strong work ethic, focusing on efficiency, bringing people together, and bringing the project to completion on time and within budget.

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