Cleaning Up The Flood With Rocketship Education

Parents are an integral part of every child’s education. In today’s educational climate here in the United States, good public schools aren’t available to families – it’s like this all around the nation. Failing to have access to quality schools is especially prevalent in low-income areas, something Rocketship Education knows all too well.

Rocketship Education was created in 2006 after co-founder Preston Smith noticed the lack of quality educational institutions in the United States. Rocketeers, members and associates of each of the seventeen schools located across the nation, are never left behind by Rocketship Education, its local staff members, and national leaders like Preston Smith.

San Jose’s Coyote Creek Flooded Less Than One Year Ago, Placing Rocketeers In Danger

Hundreds of San Jose residents were faced with substantial personal property damage, a lack of transportation to work and school, and perpetual self-questioning about how to get their lives back.

If it weren’t for the February, 2017 flood, effected households wouldn’t be left with any of these problems. Unfortunately, Mother Nature can’t be controlled, or reliably predicted.

Dulce Gonzalez, a parent of a Rocketeer herself, was one of the countless individuals left struggling in the flood’s wake.

What Would Dulce Gonzalez And Her Family Do?

Mrs. Gonzalez’s household consisted of her daughter, husband, and herself. Both parents worked lower-level, manual-labor jobs in the San Jose area. Unfortunately, the flood left both of them without reliable transportation to their workplaces.

They also didn’t have any substantial amount of money saved up, as they were living paycheck-to-paycheck as so many Americans are forced to, leaving them with hell to come, stranded quite literally in high waters.

Here’s How Rocketship Education Helped

Rocketship Education worked closely with Catholic churches in and around San Jose to raise enough money to get the Gonzalez household, among many others, back on their feet.

Without that $62,000, Dulce and family would still be in big trouble. Rocketeers are never left behind.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a nonprofit nexus of charter schools, of which all seventeen locations are situated in low-income areas.