Colbeck Capital Management Provides an Alternative to Traditional Investment Management

Colbeck Capital Management is a management investment firm based out of New York City, New York with an operating office on Los Angeles, California. Since its inception in 2008, Co-Founders Jason Beckman and Jason Colodne have offered unique approaches in guiding companies through their situations of financial hardships. Each gentleman bringing a plethora of experience and knowledge about distressed investing to the table, Colodne and Beckman envisioned a company that provided unique solutions to those companies that may have, for various reasons, limited options in traditional markets. Colbeck Capital Management focuses on bring opportunities to those companies that may have struggled to find investment solutions through more traditional avenues and institutions.

Colbeck Capital provides a different approach to traditional investment management. While they still offer corporate loans that are based on the value of the enterprise and assets of the enterprise in question, their specialty is not as orthodox as their competitors. The main vision behind the company is to target those firms needing assistance that find themselves in a specialized niche or portion of the market. In many cases, these companies are underfunded or denied financial assistance from a bank or other conventional financial institution. Colbeck feels this provides them as well as their clients with a competitive edge and an opportunity to explore alternate avenues of assistance for their customers.

In addition, Colbeck provides corporate loans and investment funding to a company that holds unique or non-traditional assets. Many of their clients are in the middle of a bankruptcy or restructuring, and require a third party to facilitate and guide the company’s executive team through the various stages of their specific situation. The team at Colbeck Capital Management offer guidance and advice for these companies that can allow them to reap the highest possible benefit of their current financial position. Finally, the investment firm offers guidance and solutions for those businesses that are involved in bankruptcies, management buyouts or debtor in possession positions. These are highly complicated negotiations and settlement agreements need to be handled with the utmost care. Colbeck Capital can provide services in many of these complex affairs and circumstances.

The ultimate key to the enormous success that Colbeck Capital Management has achieved has to do with the firm’s focus on creating a partnership with each and every client it has. Colodne and Beckman believe that this partnership approach creates a higher level of trust between the client and the investment firm. This trust then becomes the foundation of the relationship which allows for a more open line of communication and better flow of ideas between both parties. The experience and knowledge brought into the relationship from Colbeck’s team provides their clients with a more relaxed and strategic approach to the problems and hardships the company is facing. This level of each and comfort can relieve pressure within an extremely stressful time and allows the company to make better decisions. Colbeck Capital’s approach creates a customized and specifically tailored solution to each of their clients’ financial challenge.