Cotemar Mexico; a leader in oil and gas

The world of oil and gas is changing, and Cotemar Mexico is at the center of it all. This is a company that has been in operation for 37 years and had experience in the oil and gas industry.



They have focused on providing quality services. The mission of the company is to provide sustainable services while maintaining the high-quality standards. They also want to become a force to reckon within oil and gas.



They are governed by different values that have propelled their success.



« Integrity; they operate in honesty and transparency



« Effectiveness; they seek excellence



« Collaboration; they have generated partnership and also enhance talents



« Innovation; they constantly looking for new ideas



« Responsibility;



The company has received different certifications including the ISO 9001.



Cotemar was launched in 1979, and it was offering its services in the food department and also giving specialized vessels. The company has grown since then, and today they offer their services in three categories;



« Construction, engineering, maintenance, and modernization; the company offers maintenance of the platforms and also the processing centers. The operations are done through the mobile connection which helps to capture information.



« Food and lodging; all the boats offered by the company provide food and accommodation. The services that they offer include; food preparation. Cleaning of the rooms, washing, and ironing. The cabins are spacious enough, and they can house between 2 and four people. They also recreational areas. They have maintained high standards when it comes to the food handling.



« Specialized and marine support boats; the company has boats which have been installed with systems to offer maintenance. The vessel services include; processing and the transportation of the oil and the liquid extracted. Firefighting, ships for transporting bulky materials and structures.



Working at Cotemar



They continue to look for new talent and opportunities in Mexico. You can join the company in many different ways. One is to apply for the different advertised jobs on the website. Secondly, you can join the company through their training programs.  They have also partnered with an educational institution to offer training programs to students internationally. Joining the training program will increase your chances of being employed.

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