Created by Sharon Price Grace Farms Defies Definition

Grace Farms is different things to different people. To some of its neighbors in New Canaan, Connecticut it was a potential headache. To the architectural firm that designed Grace Farms, it is a “different kind of public space”. To the congregants of the nondenominational Grace Community Church that sits on the property, it is a place to worship.

A Multi-Purpose Place

Grace Farms Foundation’s co-founder and president Sharon Price insists that Grace Farms is not strictly a church. It is, however, a nature center, local attraction, a place to workout, and outdoor art exhibit. To some non-profits, Grace Farms is their base of operations.

Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince conceived Grace Farms with specific missions in mind. Ms. Price’s commitment to combatting child exploitation and violence against women led to the passing of UN Resolution 2331. Sharon Price sits on the board of a charity that reunites families separated by child exploitation, Next Generation Nepal. The non-profit NOMI Network and Auburn Seminary have honored Ms. Price’s philanthropic endeavors. After receiving her MBA from the University of Tulsa Sharon price became president of the clothing company 66 North.

Grace Farms

The first of the buildings that would become Grace Farms is a barn that was converted into the 700 seat Grace Community Church. Viewed from the air, the 83,000 square foot building that was dedicated on October 9, 2015, puts one in mind of two lakes connected by a winding river. The winding design of the building and its undulating roof are intended to follow the lay of the 80 acres Grace Farms sits on. Divided into 5 sections the Grace Farms building’s large windows provide a panoramic view of nature’s contribution to the project. The Japanese architectural firm Sanaa designed the award-winning Grace Farms Building.

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