David G. McDonald: COO and President of OSI Group LLC, Role Model, and a Leader

In the 1900s, the Otto and Sons founded a small meat products market in Illinois; now it is the largest frozen food and meat production distributors around the globe and one of the biggest private meat processing companies as well. The tremendous success of the OSI Group can be attributed to Mr.David G. McDonald and Mr. Sheldon Lavin. McDonald David is the current President and acting chairman of OSI Group.

Mr. David believes that to satisfy customers and the end product users of the OSI group products, the firm must think worldwide, but also to act locally much like its other important partners that McDonald’s operates. David has been an important part of the OSI Group for over 30 years.

David Mcdonald and Sheldon Lavin, the current chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group LLC, have worked with the firm alongside the founder, Mr.Otto Kolshowsky’s and sons. With Sheldon holding the company helm and David on his side, the duo has managed to create OSI’s Group global empire. With more than 60 operational plants , 200,000 members of staff in 17 countries, the OSI Group is rapidly climbing the statuses as the leading privately owned firms on the planet with it attaining the position 58 spot in 2016.

The OSI Group was able to increase its revenue to around $6.1 billion in 2016. It further expanded its international operations broadly by absorbing and acquiring the Baho Foods located in the Netherlands, Tyson Foods Chicago plant and other Europe food plants. Mr. David McDonald got his bachelor’s degree in animal-related science from the Iowa State University in the year 1987.

He later joined the OSI Group and speedily climbed the ranks to become the President and chairman of the company. He recently confessed that global companies cannot operate on a strategy of one-size-fits-all and that is why the OSI group has endlessly adapted to its working environment. In 2016, the OSI Group LLC purchased several large meat processors and convenience food producers in Europe. For instance, it purchased the Baho foods, a Dutch convenience food processor that has 5 subsidiaries and operates in eighteen European countries.

With this important achievement, David Mcdonald’s ideas have continued to remain intact to maintain things local. David Mcdonald confessed that the acquisition of the Baho Foods with its over sixty years of industry processing experience increases the OSI’s presence within Europe and importantly improves its variety of food products offerings. By Growing alongside its partners such as, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and all of its customers it have managed to endlessly exceed expectations and deliver the very best food products around the world.

This tremendous growth also involves improving its creative efficiency and industrialized capabilities to not only improve levels of production but also to lower its environmental impact. In 2016, the OSI Group United Kingdom was able to win the Globe of Honor award for the third time. This is a prominent United Kingdom award for corporations that have an outstanding environmental policy and initiatives.