Desiree Perez Rocks ROC Nation

The music sector is a multi billion dollar industry with a 2016 net revenue of over $17,2 billion dollars. The industry is mostly dominated by male executives, but one woman has proven herself worthy to hold the reins as top executive for Shawn, Jau-Z, Carter. Desiree Perez has been at the helm of the rapper’s business entity for more than twenty two years. She has helped the business mogul go from rapper to successful business man. She is a part of every aspect of the business that includes talent development, concert tour management, and music production. The business involves many opportunity niches, and Desiree Perez has been at the helm of them all.

Desiree Perez is an entrepreneur, a producer, and a talent manager. She can handle backroom negotiations with power and grace, and she can also maneuver the boardroom just as well. She was involved with Shawn Carter Enterprise and ROC Nation, a couple of the Carter interests. She has greatly helped to optimize profits for the company and also its investors. She is called a secret weapon of Jay Zs because of her sound, critical decision making, and the way that she enters high pressure, high level negotiations.

Dez Perez has many other clients that have netted her substantial revenue. She is noted as a positive influence in the Rihanna inner circle. Desiree was in on the 2008 transaction when ROC Nation entered a $150 million dollar contract with Live Nation. Since 2008 Desiree Perez has helped make ROC Nation one of the most vital entertainment companies world wide. Desiree and ROC Nation work with producers, songwriters, recording artists, and she assists with issues dealing with artist management, and brand management. As Chief Operating Officer of ROC Nation, Desiree also does publishes, and labeling operations. The Beyonce Formation Stadium was negotiated by Desiree Perez.