Dick DeVos and Big Forces

There are many individuals who have heard the name “Dick DeVos” over the years. These people can often discuss this man at length, too. That’s because he’s not unfamiliar to them. People recognize the way he looks. They recognize his many diverse actions as well. He’s more than just the man who is married to the latest American Education Secretary. Although he married Mrs. Betsy DeVos a long time ago, he’s done so many things in his own right throughout the years. What exactly has Richard DeVos done? He’s been a huge power player in the political scene. He thinks about political causes that can make society a lot stronger. He doesn’t zero in on his own ambitions. He only wants to make things better for the nation and its countless citizens.


DeVos has business skills that are basically unrivaled. He was a big deal in the American business world in the nineties. He remains a pretty big deal in it right now, too. DeVos was the man who worked as the Chief Executive Officer for the prominent Amway Corporation. The Amway Corporation is an enormous company that has operations all around the United States. It’s a company that has transformed the existences of millions and millions of consumers. DeVos put so much care and thought into his Chief Executive Officer gig. He continued working as the CEO for as long as he could. He realized that it was time to close the chapter not too long after the millennium started. He was elected for the job around the start of the nineties.


Most people don’t know what it’s like to lobby. DeVos does, though. He likes to lobby any time he comes across a cause that’s worthwhile. He thinks that Grand Rapids, Michigan is a worthwhile cause. That’s because it’s a metropolis that has done so much to nurture him as a human being. He wants to see Grand Rapids get better and better as a city. He wants to see the people who reside in it feel powerful and capable, too. He lobbied in the nineties after he heard about the possibility of a huge arena project. He calculated that the project would be harmful to the region.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is a big force in the United States. It’s a charitable force that’s impossible to suppress. Dick and his wife have been working on the organization since the end of the eighties. They work on it by coming up with ideas for it. They work on it by donating cash to it for all sorts of varied applications. DeVos will never ever walk away from the things in life that pack a punch.


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