Dick DeVos and the Aviation Scene

Dick DeVos isn’t a sullen individual by any stretch of the imagination. He’s actually a bright and fearless man who doesn’t ever say no to a challenge. His wife isn’t the type to say no to one ever, either. That’s probably why they’re such a rock-solid match. They’ve been this type of match since they got married a long time ago. Although they’ve been blissfully married for decades, they’re just as in love as they always were. Their adoration actually gets more intense as time goes on. Their children can confirm that. They’re adults now who enjoyed a terrific upbringing thanks to their compassionate parents.


DeVos isn’t intimidated by women who have powerful careers. He admires his wife in so many ways. He thinks that she’s among the most impressive women the world has ever seen. She’s the United States’ assiduous Secretary of Education at this moment in time. She works right next to the famed President Donald Trump. They actually share a rapport that’s comfortable and pleasant. They don’t ever argue with each other. They don’t ever confront each other over things that just don’t matter in the long run. Betsy DeVos knows how to work with other kinds of individuals.


Dick DeVos has a work ethic that’s incredible. It’s just as strong as any work ethic that’s out there. He consistently works on honing all of his abilities. He’s never satisfied with mediocrity. He actually finds mediocrity to be somewhat depressing. He goes the extra mile to contribute to the United States. He goes the extra mile to contribute to the globe overall. That’s why the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation exists right now. Dick and Betsy made it happen in the eighties.


There are so many things that make DeVos feel alive on a daily basis. He feels alive when he makes donations to all kinds of worthy causes. He feels alive when he speaks to his tireless wife. He adores talking to his adult kids. He even adores speaking with the members of the American public in general.


There is a charter school in Grand Rapids, Michigan that means a great deal to this businessman. It’s called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Why does he care so much for it? He cares for it due to the fact that he set it up in 2010. It’s a school that delves into all kinds of aviation matters. DeVos has a penchant for air travel. He’s always had that penchant. It makes him feel as though the sky is the limit. This academy is a widely known charter school in the Midwest. It accommodates youngsters in the region who want to go into the competitive aviation scene.


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