Doe Deere’s Authenticity as Expressed in Her Multi-Million Dollar Makeup Empire, Lime Crime

A lot of make-up fanatics have raised their voices against companies that use animals to test their products. Customers value cruelty-free products and have gone as far as to create social media posts to warn others against firms that test on animals. Lime Crime is one of the makeup companies that have never used animals in their manufacturing process. The founder and chief executive officer of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, revealed that she uses a product before releasing for sale. She explained that by verifying a product’s pigmentation and quality, she could be more confident in satisfying her clients. Lime Crime is currently an iconic brand that customers rave about on social media using hashtags and viral posts. As a result, other brands emulate their business strategy and trends to satisfy makeup enthusiasts across the globe.


Apart from observing cruelty-free regulations during production, Doe Deere is passionate about supporting animals. Doe Deere recently revealed that she regularly donates to an animal shelter in New York that rehabilitates abandoned cats and dogs. She owns three cats, two of which she re-homed from the same shelter. Doe set up Lime Crime initially as an eBay account in 2004. She merchandised her self-made fashions products through the site and soon realized that she had to integrate colorful makeup into the modeled look. Doe started her fashion career with interest in sewing and grew an interest in bright makeup over time.


She believes that good make-up allows one to take up a new attitude and express freedom and authenticity. Lime Crime’s products have bold colors that always stand out from what people consider reasonable. Doe’s favorite color is lime hence the company’s name branding. She is a Russian native who grew up in New York and worked her way up to owning a multi-million dollar brand. As a result of her personal journey, Doe supports women in business and often speaks at Vegas Nay’s Stardust tour and PHAMExpo. Doe understands the impact of social media on the millennial generation and is open advising professionals through her social media platform. She does not believe in bossing her employees but in leading them with respect and consideration. Doe Deere embodies her firm’s values of excellence, authenticity, and gentleness in every aspect of her life.


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