Doe Deere’s Personal Thoughts on Business and Brand

Lime Crime makeup company is owned by a woman named Doe Deere. She is well known in the makeup community for being a wildly colorful individual. Her hair, clothes, and makeup are all in fun shades of pastel colors.


Lime Crime is a very colorful makeup brand. They sell every shade of lipstick color in the rainbow, and perhaps even some that do not even exist on the rainbow. Lime Crime additionally has a supply of eye shadow and eye liner that they sell. These shades and liners come in both neutral shades of brown and black and more fun pops of colors as well. They also sell bundles of their products. Currently one of the Lime Crime bundles for the holiday season are lovely rose tins that are filled with three Velvetines lip colors. Velvetines are the Lime Crime company’s liquid to matte lip color.


Doe Deere recently dished on her thoughts of business and her brand. Simple stated she loves being a business woman and finds it to be the only profession she has truly succeeded in. She has fully embraced the e-commerce way of business for her business module. E-commerce is a very popular shopping option now.


The start of Doe’s makeup company started humbly. She created a “limecrime” store on eBay for a place to sell her clothing lines. She started selling lip colors to go along with the clothing, because customers asked her about her colorful makeup that she wore in the pictures of her modeling her clothing line for the store. The makeup really took off from there and it became her number one selling item. She focused on creating more makeup. Over time she was able to create her own Lime Crime website to sell her makeup products from. Doe Deere has since then been keeping up a steady stream of new product ideas with her team and strengthening her customer service and customer protection on her website.


Doe Deere’s advice for how to conduct business is to know your brand and who your customers are. Doe Deere knows her brand is colorful and magical seeming. She creates ads that reflect that element. She also knows that the fans of her brand are generally young teens, teens, younger women, some older men, and perhaps some young men who love makeup.


Her advice to future entrepreneurs is to never give up if you have a goal. Start with achievable business goals at first.

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  1. Once those are achieved, then you can pursue the big dream. Doe also says to not wait to start pursuing a dream. The makeup brand has taken off because of Doe Deere paying attention to what her brand means and who her customers are. The truth is that do have a lot of invitee to the event and it’s making it calmer than it was.

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