DonataMeirelles- An Icon in Brazilian Fashion

DonataMeirelles is a socialite and a great name in Brazilian fashion. She is highly renowned and respected for her significant contribution in the fashion industry, especially as the former style director of the famous Vogue Brazil. She turned 50 this year, 2019, which marks her 30 yrs. of experience in the fashion industry. Amazingly, she started her career in fashion in her twenties. Among her first positions was Daslu’s International Buyer. A post that earned her global recognition and L’officiel; a French fashion magazine featured her among the best five international buyers in the world.

DonataMeirelles vast experience in fashion in conjunction with her international fashion connection earned her a new position with Vogue Brazil in 2012. She was chosen to be the Style director for the next seven year. She managed to build and promote the brand into Vogue’s most prominent international editions. Her great name in fashion masked many from realizing that she is a firm supporter and advocate of AIDs Education and research. Meireilles not only attends yearly events to promote the cause but she also consistently involves her online supporters and followers in the fight against HIV and AIDS. She has more than 463,000 followers, which makes a vast audience that contributes to strengthening AIDs research to ensure that it gets funding and gain immense recognition.

Donata Meirelles is the behind the establishment of the Woman in the World Foundation which supports various Non-Governmental Organizations like amfAR, GerandoFalcoes, and the Brazilian Foundation. She was honored by the Brazilian Foundation and amfAR for her significant contribution on behalf of the two organizations. In 2014, amfAR honored her the humanitarian award due to her public advocacy on behalf of all people living with HIV and AIDS. Meirelles is still an icon in the Brazilian fashion industry and keeps influencing local trends with her massive Instagram base.