DonataMeirelles – Fashion Tips For 2019

This year will definitely bring numerous innovations. Some of the pieces are renewed from the past. Though fashion is repeating, some fashion details are extremely attractive that we cannot skip them. One of the pieces that attracted the attention of the fashion audience as well as fashion designers is a simple, but yet so original transparent purse.

This accessory amazes us with its simplicity and uniqueness, and as for fashion designers, they consider it a must-have item. The fact that these purses will be a true fashion hit in 2019, also confirmesDonataMeirelles – Brasil’s Vogue style director.

Transparent And Lovely

In some way of thinking, transparent things are usually undefined and vague. But, that definitely cannot be true when we recap the previous Louis Vuitton fashion show. That particular fashion event has again started the new era of transparent plastic purses. Small or big – plastic transparent purses have become the center of the fashion show, and it amazed those who were sitting in the first row. The famous beauty from Barbados, Rihanna was the first to make an appearance on a catwalk with this lovely, fluidly looking purse. And she was the one that made a total hit out of it. When we speak about the innovative fashion ideas, we must keep in mind that we must be ready to bet on those ideas, even before they become alive, and before these fashion products reach the warehouse shelves.

That was also confirmed by style director of Vogue Brazil – famous DonataMeirelles. Donata gave some of her very useful tips on how to use the transparent purse and what clothes should you combine it with.

What Do We See Looking At The See-Through Purse?

For DonataMeirelles, a see-through purse is nothing new when considering fashion details. This purse had its long-time fashion history and it was evolving throughout various fashion epochs. Donata loves this fashion piece because it can be made in all shapes and sizes. But, carrying this purse is not so simple as you might think at first. Every woman who carries such a purse must be extremely well organized. This purse allows you to show what you want to show – but also to hide what you need to hide. One of the main fashion rules we must follow when carrying this type of purses – is to be moderate. These purses look very effective themselves so we don’t have to crowd them with unnecessary stuff. However, they can also show off some nice looking detail such as a nice pen or an elegant personal agenda. As for your smartphone, it should be positioned with the screen faced down, so your personal messages do not become public property. Beware of the untidy purse!

This purse does not forgive such things, and you most certainly don’t want to keep the old papers or bus tickets in it.

As for the clothes combining, this purse is very thankful fashion piece, since you can combine it with almost anything. It will look great on you when wearing casual clothes, but it will surely give you an elegant and feminine touch when combined with the evening gowns.

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