Dr. Dov Rand, and his passion and success in the medical field

The story of Dr. Dov Rand began in Washington DC which points to his place of birth. His extensive acknowledgment is behind his specialization on medicine and rehabilitation. For more than fifteen years, his practice alongside the Medical Centers on healthy aging has remained operational. At that moment, he has established a refuge to the ones in search of medical methods aimed at optimizing health alongside a reasonable scientific backup. Being the Healthy Aging Medical Centers’ founder has added to Dr. Dov Rand’s fame.

He has been passionate about medicine his entire life. On his completion of bachelors at the Rutgers, he progressed to Howard University’s medical school. It is at the end of this that he served as an intern with Saint Barnabas Medical Center. Later on, he finished his residency within Albert Einstein Medical Center which is prestigious.

The professional success of Dr. Dov Rand started developing early enough with regards to his interest linked to athletic pursuits. The pursuits made him learn the importance of determination and passion towards the achievement of the intended goals. At the time, he took part in tennis training. He handled it with a concentration on hard work which enabled him to attain some competitive level with regards to the sport.

In the course of his practice, Rand with staff offers treatments touching on various areas connected to health. Dr. Dov Rand´s method include assistance on weight loss, bio-identical hormone therapy, and anti-aging. He is also acknowledged for his experience in the treatment of erectile dysfunction via such methods as nutritional supplementation and shockwave therapy. His treatment concept remains in line with sharp contrast towards the great approach “pill for an ill” that usually concentrates on treating symptoms instead of the underlying issues. However, he takes part in the optimization of health from a standpoint that is preventative. It entails teaching the patients on ways of creating a life with sustainable health individually.

Besides, Dr. Dov Rand is happy with his ability to be a role model for the parents. He also passionate about leading an active and healthy life. For physical health maintenance, he engages in Yoga, strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and martial arts.

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