Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: No Man Is An Island; Teamwork Is Key to Success

For an individual who was not sure he wanted to go into the medical field, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has certainly made an enthusiastic splash into a fast-paced career as an emergency room doctor. Originally, Dr. Forsthoefel obtained an undergraduate degree from Florida State University in Religion. As he was approaching the culmination of his degree in Religion, Forsthoefel realized that he was being called to practice medicine. 

Following his graduation from Florida State University, Eric Forsthoefel earned his M.D. from the University of Louisville Medical School. His residency for emergency medicine was then completed at Louisiana State University. The fascination with emergency medicine and the unpredictable, chaotic atmosphere of the ER creates a job that Dr. Eric Forsthoefel absolutely loves. The challenge of working as quickly as possible while still being exceptionally detail oriented drives him to achieve high levels of productivity on a daily basis.

Another portion of the medical world that has captured Dr. Forsthoefel’s attention is finding new ways to enhance or improve upon the current methods of doing things from the medical side of things to the business side. He is passionate about refining his own techniques to better himself and also working on new concepts for technology for record keeping. 

In a recent interview, Dr. Forsthoefel was asked what the most valuable lesson he has learned in career would be considered. To this he responded that teamwork is the key to success and no man is an island. He places great value on the cultivation of steadfast interpersonal relationships and feels that these are a crucial element to the success of all involved.

In the same interview, Dr. Forsthoefel was asked to impart a bit of advice on anyone debating entering the medical field. He was very quick to express the importance of pursuing medicine only because it is what your heart tells you to do. It is, after all, a career which is laden with lifelong educational requirements. For those who feel called to enter the medical field, however, it can be a very gratifying career choice as you help others who are in need of your expertise.