Dr. Tim Ioannides, Founder of Treasrue Coast Dermatology

Treasure Coast Dermatology was founded in 2004, in Port St. Lucie Florida, and has since expanded, totaling to five locations in that area. While the first thought many people have when they think of dermatology is cosmetic, Treasure Coast Dermatology is a niche practice that focuses solely on medical dermatology. Dr. Tim Ioannides practice, specializes in treating various skins conditions, and doing things like removing grows and tumors. His specialization gave Dr. Ioannides had the opportunity to help conduct research a vaccination against skin cancer, which he says is the highlight of his carrier.

Dr. Ioannides graduated with a medical degree for The Miami School of Science, where he still contributes to the education of young dermatologists as a Voulntary Associate Professor. Dr. Ioannides started his work for a plastic surgeon, who’s practice gave little focus to the medical dermatology field. This inspired him to create Treasure Coast Dermatology where he could distance himself form the cosmetic side of his field of work, and focus on the niche medical side of the field.

When asked what makes him successful and productive Dr. Tim Ioannides claims that keeping his practice focused on people- both patient and employee- and shunning the use of computers and digital medical reports with his success.

His practice’s goal has always been to create the most complete patient experience possible. He concerns himself with everything, form meeting with each patient personally, to making sure that what plays on the T.V. in the waiting room suits the patient, he wants to make sure that his company provides a human focused experience.

Tim Ioannide believes that computers don’t make people as productive as they would like to think, and even worse, when the doctor is paying attention to the screen, they aren’t paying attention to the patient. It is Tim Ioannide belief that his practice creates a better experience for patients when the doctor is attentive tothe patient’s issues.

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