End Citizen United is Pulling Off all Stoppers to Reign in Runaway Political Funding in the US

Nothing else so gratifies me like being a life member and canvasser to the struggle End Citizen United is mounting to rein in excess and almost insane funding for political campaigns. Although many other people insinuate that the PAC- Political Action Committee which I so dearly cherish is itself collecting huge donations running into millions, I sincerely want to believe that our action is motivated to a large part by the desire to recruit more grassroots support for the fight against big money campaigns.



The open spigots spewing money into our organization accurately reflects that millions of ordinary Americans totally support our fight to eliminate dark money out of our democratic processes. I agree with all Democrats who say that the bad cash donations by billionaires are holding our elections for ransom. Now, who pays the price if not the typical voter? End Citizen United is spearheading the war on how dirty money is negatively influencing the direction of American politics. When we established the PAC in 2015, March, we were focused on getting the help of grassroots contributors , and I believe you will not challenge my assertion if I say that such people comprise almost a half of the American citizens. The massive inflow of cash into our organization is a simple acknowledgment that we are on the right track.



Presently, we are building massive movements that will bring force to bear on legislations that champion finance reforms and political funding strategies. Legislators who support a change of rule so that billionaires cannot purchase our elections on a whim are our most important partners. The wealthy syndicates cannot hold every American rights hostage simply because they have the money to buy anything. I am fully committed to seeing that all networks of illegal cash donations to political causes are entirely obliterated! If we support more Democrats, then sane reforms can be introduced to limit the wild political campaign spending by the wealthy.



Our attack against the bulwarks of billionaire politics is a two prong pincer offensive. We are prioritizing dirty and dark cash in the policy as a national concern. We will also ensure that only pro-reform legislators are elected, a majority of who will be Democrats who favor significant transformation of the political landscape . Selfish corporate agenda is threatening every institution of justice, fairness, and equality in our country. In 2018 we are gunning for Democrats like Sherrod Brown of Ohio, and Jon Tester of Montana to capture the Senatorial seats in their respective jurisdictions. We have an open process of recruitment, and if you are interested to see what we do, just click on our website. We have taken steps to comply with the filing requirements stipulated by the Federal Elections Commission. February 20, 2017, was the last time we filled the submissions.




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