End Citizens United: Fight Against Campaign Finance

It was in the year 2010 when United States Supreme Court sent some shock waves when they solved a case that End Citizens United had presented against the Federal Election commission. There was a shockwave that had hit all the American political system. The decision had come from longtime implication and there is still some development even today that has been making the court become unabated and it has also included End Citizens United.

Many cases have been coming even to the generation that is coming and have been altering the political backgrounds that the nation has been standing for. There were some cases that had happened earlier like Dred Scott which was in 1857. in most of these cases, it’s just not only about the court becoming controversial. There has been existing ramification which is still playing to the country even in the recent days when the consequences of the decisions made a long time ago are still affecting and have brought changes that are permanent in American political culture.

End Citizens United remembers a rule that was decided to affect them. This was a profound political effect that had a controversial decision which was made and concerted the pushback of the politics. Political organizations have been trying many different ways that are legal so that they can overturn the End Citizens United ruling that is experienced after scrambling and countering the political effects.

It was 2015 when the organization End Citizen United was started and it could help in the political fight. There was a case in 2008 which affected the election. Some video was aired showing Hilary Clinton and used against him. During that time, Hillary was a presidential aspiring candidate. What the federal didn’t know was who had paid for the viewing of the video or even how much it was paid for the video. There had been a federal rule that says that all political ads should have an identity of their sources.

During that time, End Citizens United had to sue FEC by filing the case against them where it was later overturned. The federal court had listened to the case but they later ruled it unanimously. After two years later when Barack Obama was serving as the United States president and the supreme court overturned federal court case. The ruling from the supreme court was to be utilized with immediate effect. What the judges had made became more creative than ever.

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