Eric Lefkofsky: Innovator of Precise Healthcare

Eric Lefkofsky, CEO of Tempus a technology company, never thought about working in healthcare. However, when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer he noticed the lack of technological advances in the field. On a panel with Margaret Anderson at the Milken Global Conference he expounded on his experience. “It’s crazy that we are giving more technology to truck drivers picking up pallets of water bottles than we are to doctors making life and death decisions.” said Lefkofsky.

Lefkofsky feels that technology hasn’t made its way en mass to healthcare as most hospitals in the past weren’t willing to share data and rely on technology in an augmented capacity. Today that trend is changing. The healthcare industry is relinquishing control as they realize they can’t manage alone the molecular and clinical data needed to move into the future.

Eric Lefkofsky would like to see a world where companies like Tempus use innovations like AI, cloud computing and new algorithms to compile molecular and clinical data to improve health outcomes in the U.S. To date Tempus has the world’s largest library of clinical and molecular data accessible for patients, providers and researchers. Tempus also handles 30% of all cancer patient data in the nation.

How would this new technology paradigm shift benefit the patient? The idea is to use the shared data en mass to improve health outcomes in hopes of keeping people healthier longer. Technology will support providers with precise data to improve the delivery of care. While he isn’t predicting a complete overhaul in healthcare in the next few years, Lefkofsky does see a future where new data algorithms help guide care in ways that create a holistic change in healthcare.