Fabletics Leading the Sports Apparel E-Commerce Team

Fabletics came into the market in the year 2013 and has since then been causing a stir. This active wear brand that was co-founded by Kate Hudson came to change the perception of the sports apparel market. With Fabletics, getting quality, stylish and affordable apparel is the order of the day.


Initially, Fabletics was launched as an e-commerce business purely. However, over the past 4 year of its existence, they have diversified to accommodate physical retail stores. The business has also expanded from the US to cover other countries beyond.


Today if you google the word Fabletics, the first articles will be on how Fabletics is taking on Amazon. True to the world, Fabletics is doing so well that it is threatening to eat into the market share of Amazon. Here are some reasons why Fabletics is beating this e-commerce mogul at its game.


Membership Program


First, they are able to understand each and every member at a personalized level. This way, they are able to customize attires that are in tandem with the preferences, taste, needs and size of individual customers. For this reason, the company rarely has to sell at a close-off price. Other than that, the VIP membership program serves a strategy to prevent their store from being used only for window shopping. They understand that people go online only to check what is trending and have inspiration for what to store in their local physical stores. However, with the program, where members are credited nearly $50 every month, their online store becomes more than just a show room. The membership gets customers to buy and for those that still want to fit their attires at physical stores, Fabletics has catered for that.




One reason why people actually buy from Fabletics is because the clothes aren’t just showcased by some dummies. You actually see models in them so that you have a clearer picture of how the apparel will look like. As if that is not enough, you get to see Kate Hudson herself in some of the best attires of that month.




Amazon sells some of the top brands in the market. The only problem is that people find their attires to be expensive. When it comes to quality, they sure match. But for affordability, most people will go with Fabletics any day. The accessibility that comes with this brand is what has enabled them to win over Amazon customers.


Future Trends Forecast


They thrive by innovating quality material every day, to make their products. Such has seen them gain recognition for having quality, comfort, fashion and sophistication, all wrapped in one garment.

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