Fortress Investment Group a Global Giant

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a private equity and investment management firm with its headquarters in New York City, New York.. It was established in 1998 by Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone as a private equity company. It shortly after, grew into a business encompassing investments in real estate, hedge funds, and securities. In 2007 it became the first large U.S private equity company to be traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange..

The Fortress Investment Group makes investments across a wide range of diverse industries both in the United States and globally.. The company invests in, owns and manages assets in transportation, finance,, senior living and healthcare, real estate, media and telecommunications, leisure, energy and infrastructure. It was recognized by “Institutional Investor” in 2014, as “Hedge Fund Manager of the Year”. This was among other awards over the years.. For more information, check out Fortress Investment Group at

Fortress Investment Group has built a team of experienced professionals who possess in depth knowledge of the industries in which the group invests and manages. This gives Fortress the expertise to develop relationships with major companies worldwide based on specialized knowledge in the areas of operation of those companies and in the international business world.

In its management scheme, Fortress Investment Group has developed tools and methods to evaluate structures and strategies. These tools give the group the skills to work with its partners at all levels. They enable Fortress to formulate the best management model and policy implementation methods to achieve the desired results for their investments and those of their partners.

The Group’s expertise in the capital market also allows it to access low risk, low cost finance for its investments. With the tools and methods cultivated by the Fortress Investment Group, the company has the capacity to undertake complex investments and to derive value from those ventures.

The value of the Fortress Investment Group’s investment tools and its global network have been recognized by SoftBank. This led to SoftBank acquisition of Fortress Investment in December, 2017 with Fortress retaining control of its operation and without SoftBank influence on its policy decisions.