Gustavo Martinez Moving In The Right Direction One Day At A Time

One of the most admired entrepreneurs in advertising and marketing, Gustavo Martinez is well respected and has been in the business for over 35 years. The efforts that he put into campaigns for artists has transformed pop culture and brought about an effect on the entire world.


Gustavo’s career has led him to work at some of the most highly regarded names such as J. Walter Thompson Worldwide where he held the position of Chief Executive Officer. He was also the president at McCann WorldGroup and Ogilvy and Mather.


Nowadays, he works as a marketing and advertising consultant which gives him the freeway to get more involved with projects and further his creative side for his clients. Martinez believes in working diligently, but he likes to start his day with his family. He checks through his emails and watches business news.


Afterward, he spends 10 to 12 hours a day working. Martinez remains committed to giving each member on his staff the confidence they need by motivating them. He is a firm believer in an environment where all his employees can share their creative juices as well as their ideas. He gives his all while working with his team. Listening is one of the qualities that he uses at work along with having an environment which allows his people to express their ideas.


Always willing to help others, Gustavo Martinez shares tips on marketing and advertising. He makes it clear that advertising and marketing do not fit in the same category as jobs where you clock in to get a paycheck. While marketing and advertising are more creative, they do have guidelines that must be followed.


He supports those who want to go into business for themselves and has helped many aspiring talents get started. He understands that creative artists can find the business side stifling which is why he believes marketing consultation may fit the bill for most talented artists who has similar aspects.


He believes that marketing represents a form of artistry and uses his skills while teaming up with UV Business Acceleration.


His support in UV business remains focus in the analytics, functionality and technology design. With marketing becoming even more stressful as well as competition being aggressive using this method may provide more or a risk. Still, Martinez has found the risk worth it.


Martinez ways of doing things within marketing and advertising have not only giving him the boost he needs for his business but has helped new and established companies. He has used many factions when it comes to helping his clients, but one important step has to do with Massive Data Heights, a useful tool that gives insight into customers reviews on the web.


Martinez recognizes the power of the internet and believes that future endeavors with the web will bring more changes for marketing and advertising. He encourages those starting in the business to have patience and to tune their skills and traits to succeed.


Inspired by Winston Churchill’s quote, Martinez strives to live his life daily by those words and has concluded that having success is not as important as the direction you move toward.


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