Honesty and Integrity from Gulf Coast Western

GULF COAST WESTERNGulf Coast Western is run by CEO Matt Fleeger and it is clear that his strong values of honesty, integrity, and respect are a critical part of the success of the business. The company has gained a reputation for transparency and putting the client’s first that has resulted in a loyal customer base that helps the business grow and thrive.

Family Values in the Oil Business

A key way Gulf Coast Western stands out is the history of the company. The business was founded by Matt Fleeger’s father in 1970 and was built up by his father. In the mid-1980’s, Matt Fleeger began working in the company and learning from his father. As he developed leadership skills, he decided to step away from the family business and work in a different company to gain experience and develop new skills.

In 2009, Matt Fleeger came back to Gulf Coast Western and brought his family values into the company. He recognized the value of putting customers first and focusing on maintaining strict standards for customer service. He also focused on active risk management strategies to ensure responsible solutions are developed through each stage of on-shore oil exploration and related tasks.

Transparency that Sets the Business Apart

While Matt Fleeger’s family values play a role in the high standards for customer service, it is the company’s transparency that sets it apart. The company puts a high standard for transparency that keeps customers, partners, and others working with the business in the loop at each stage of a contract or a goal. Customers appreciate the transparency and the detailed information, which helps them return to the business over time.


Matt Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western are making waves by focusing on honesty and transparency. The company stands out by ensuring excellent customer service and setting high standards for each individual working in the company. Honesty and integrity help Gulf Coast Western maintain loyal customers in a competitive industry.