Hope for Africa, Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is one of the richest women in the world; in fact, she is the wealthiest woman in Africa and is the daughter to the former president of Angola. She believes that hard work pays and this is depicted in her daily routine. Isabel dos Santos is an astute business lady venturing mostly in the telecommunications world.

Africa being a developing continent, Isabel believes there is an excellent power in African women. This potential, however, is undermined by the sexist stigmatization of women in their jobs. She encourages women to believe in their entrepreneurial dreams and should pursue then for the continent depends on their innovations. Isabel dos Santos ensures that women access good education, great job opportunities as men for she believes in economic freedom of women. Isabel dos Santos is a story if hope to all women, she faced discrimination when she was working but due to her resilience, she made it to the top. She, however, claims it was on that easy.

Isabel dos Santos also have a passion for the youth. We see this when she visited various universities for motivation. She advises the youth to believe in the power of entrepreneurship and also encourages them to take note of the innovations in the technology. She feels with the advanced technology; there are millions of opportunities that will curb the trait of joblessness. Dos Santos encourages the young souls to not only have goals in life but also have strings of sub goals on how to achieve these goals. Isabel reminds them that the virtue of patience is more important in the entrepreneurial world.

Isabel dos Santos believes in improving the community even if it’s in small ways. She encourages all the great African entrepreneurs always to give back to their society. Isabel dos Santos established a strawberry field in Humpata back in her country, Angola. This projects benefitted about 120 women who got a new workplace and a new income hence improving their social status.

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