How Bernardo Chua Developed Healthy Beverages At Organo Gold

Growing up in the Philippines, Bernardo Chua had grandparents from China. He learned from them all about the health benefits of the lingzhi mushroom which is referred to in China as the “herb of spiritual potency”. He has now based the large majority of his professional career on this mushroom and how it can help people lead longer and healthier lives.

After graduating from college he worked first at his family’s garment factory and then headed an international travel agency. It was at Gano Excel that he first started to work at a company who included powdered lingzhi mushroom in the beverages they sell. He learned that this is a pretty rare mushroom to find out in the wild and was once reserved for just royalty to eat. Nowadays it is grown on farms as well as in laboratories where the climate can be carefully controlled.

Bernardo Chua moved to Canada in order to sell Gano Excel’s products in both that country and in the United States. He says that he was eager to move away from the Philippines because of political unrest. He continued to work for this company up through 2008 which is when he established his own beverage firm, Organo Gold.

He infuses lingzhi mushroom into the beverages that he sells in over 60 countries. Organo Gold is one of the fastest growing companies of its type with popular lines of coffees, teas, supplements, body management drinks, and other products. Bernardo Chua as built the 55th largest direct selling firm in the world from its base in Richmond, BC. His company also won the National Shoppers Choice Award.

He uses social media to promote Organo Gold’s products and what health benefits they offer. This includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He also likes to post inspirational messages using his company’s social media accounts.

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